COSM Talks

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences in Finland offers new courses in the area of cultural management and organisational change regarding sustainability values. We call it COSM, and it’s an acronym that stands for Culture, Organisation and Sustainability Management. It’s the integrated learning area to explore sustainability values with cultural and art managers (MA, BA students, alumni and practitioners). 

To make COSM more open to everyone interested in sharing ideas, practices and developing new ways to look at the issues related to sustainability and cultural & arts management we distribute a series of loose and informal online events, roundtable talks which we call “COSM Talks”.    

Our guests, speakers of COSM Talks are experienced and inspiring scholarsexperts, individual focused on co-created practiceWe are all curious where they take us in their reflections and discussions. This is our meeting time with most creative and intriguing international experts we know, who have curiosity and experience in re-thinking our sustainability values that should be applied to cultural organisations’, cultural managers’ and cultural entrepreneurs everyday practice.   

COSM Talks is our way to explore in conversations the area of the current and future content and methods of sustainability values-oriented teaching, directed to and co-created with both cultural management adepts and alumni. And what we really care, is its organizational and individual application in cultural, creative, arts and heritage activities area. With COSM Talks we want to learn and extend the knowledge, competencies and all options at hand to emerge a new generation of cultural managers, art and social entrepreneurs, NGO’s’, cultural organisations’ professionals that will keep sustainability values – oriented paths of their practice. 

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